Our 2023 Mission Trip to Honduras

Since 1987, I have been back to Honduras about three (3) times before going to my very first Mission trip to Honduras in June 2023 to July 2023 with my Church. I had the privilege to go with my husband and children. We stayed with a Pastor, who has been involved in Ministry for the last (roughly) 27 years within Central America. He showed us what his Ministry does, such as helping to rehabilitate youth who have been involved in gangs but later want to give their lives to the Lord and change their lives around. The Pastor helps these youth find jobs, his Ministry provides physiological support, provide education, and restore them (as much as possible) back to their families. We got to visit many Churches who does a lot of outreach within their communities, such as a weekly drop off warm food and cold drinks to those living in the streets, literally they have their mattresses beside busy roads, and living under the bridges. We got to visit about 180 sponsored children within Tegucigalpa, and we got to tell stories to them, learn about their education system, spend time with them in the little time we had. We got to play games with them. On our way to Church one night, I saw a beautiful lady on a motorcycle with her husband with a 38 day old baby in the lady’s arms. They were on the way to Church to dedicate her baby to the Lord. I was so amazed and humbled to see a mom placing the Lord first despite her circumstances by dedicating her newborn baby to Him. I hope you enjoy these photos; the experience in person outweighs the beauty of seeing them in photo.